Frequently Asked Questions at Gate Motor Repairs Johannesburg.

Is a garage door motor not anexpensivecommodity that will only give me hassles?

A garage door motor is an electromechanical device and like all its counterparts, it will succumb to technical issues eventually and suffer from normal wear-and-tear. However, a reputable supply and installation company will have enough confidence in their installation to supply you with a suitable warranty. Most good motor manufacturers also supply warranty options on both the unit and its separate components. Shop wisely, choose a certified installer and be assured that your new garage motor will keep you in good stead for long. It is also advisable to have your motor duly serviced and frequently checked out so as to prevent any substantial damage due to perished parts which can be avoided by means of thorough and frequent inspection..


Is there a good reason to call in professional installer to automate my garage door?

Worthy companies offer worthy products and service. It is always advisable to do one’s homework when it comes down to hiring a contractor of any kind. Client testimonials, great products and the treatment you ultimately receive as customer, speaks volumes when it comes to confirmation of reliability. Companies should always be able to offer certification documentation or ‘documents of trust’ from either suppliers of electromechanical engineering tools used, or as witness of the level of service they provide. Investigate the brands on offer – the internet world speaks volumes and it’s easy to spot a bad versus a good investment these days. Quality guarantees and warrantees of course cement a reputation and the ever popular ‘word-of-mouth’ method is a fast way to sift through the proverbial husks.